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Five Reasons to Use Our Rental Mat Service

Posted on: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Everyone wants their business spaces to look clean and professional at all times, but let’s face it: We cannot sweep the floors after every single person walks through our doors. Not only would you look ridiculous, but you would be wasting your day sweeping when you could be taking care of countless other  — more important — things. So what can you do to stop the dirt right at your door? North Country Janitorial has the perfect solution for you: our mat rental services. Our mats will help trap dirt right at the door, preventing it from going all over your floors and taking away from the professional appearance of you workspace. If you work in an environment where water is more of a concern than dirt, we have you covered, too. Our hog mat will lock in water.

Having our mats at your door and other high-trafficked areas of your business will also aid in prevention of slips and falls for your employees and clients. Placing a mat by a door not only makes your space look more professional, you are also creating a safe environment for your employees and clients. We make sure high-traffic areas are free of wires, but we often times overlook the dangers of the surface we walk on until it is too late. Being proactive and adding a little bit of traction in these high traffic areas with our mats could save you from future headaches and costly accidents.

The winter months in the North Country mean an abundance of rock salt. Sidewalks get slick and we have no choice but to lay down rock salt. The issue so many people face is the harsh chemicals and the effects it can have on their floors. The rock salt can leave a residue on carpets and scratch hard-surfaced flooring. With our mat rental service, you do not have to worry about the nasty residue rock salt can leave behind: we change your mats out and can have a more frequent schedule during winter months. Our mats will protect any hard surfaces from scratches by allowing the rock salt to be wiped off on our mats rather than being dragged around on your flooring.

Depending on your line of business, you and/or your employees may have to stand for long periods on time. A great example of this are bank tellers. We have all been in a bank before and tellers are on their feet from the start of their day until the end. To help ease any discomfort caused by standing for long periods of time, North Country Janitorial offers anti-fatigue mats. These mats give extra cushion under your employees’ feet, allowing them to find comfort during long days. A comfortable employee is a more productive employee.

One of our favorite features of our mat rental services is the ability to brand your mats. Not only will you get all of the above benefits. but you can take your workspace and kick it up a notch. Welcoming your customers with your logo will not only increase your professional appearance, but will also allow customers to remember and recognize you. Most people will recognize a logo before remembering a business’ name, so make sure your business is not being forgotten.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us today.

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