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Bathroom Odor Control

The #1 complaint of businesses is bathroom cleanliness and bathroom odor.

T-Cell offers the best continuous bathroom odor control with fresh and consistent fragrances.

This product controls odors for 60-90 days, keeping restrooms smelling clean. No batteries or moving parts provide noise free and trouble free operation. Refill components are fully recyclable. No added Volatile Organic Compounds, no propellants – just pure fragrance and Countermax proprietary odor neutralizer that breaks down and eliminates malodors.

  • Full service, 100% by North Country Janitorial Inc.
  • No batteries or moving parts
  • No mist spray
Scents Available

  • Polar Mist
  • Blue Splash
  • Citrus
  • Waking Spring
  • Crystal Breeze
  • Pure (Unscented)

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